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The Only Way Is UP!

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In October, a crew from leading Brazillian travel & sport channel, Canal Off, came to camp to film one of their episodes as part of a Kenyan series. The series, Aerials, is made by Sylvester Campe, who is one of the worlds most accomplished and daring documentary directors and photographers. Specializing in docu-dramas, extreme adventure and cultural films, he has claimed two Emmy awards for his work on the reality series, “Amazing Race”.

Aerials follows the adventures of two paramotor fliers, including British Paramotor champion Dean Eldridge, as they explore the globe and fly in some breath-taking and spectacular locations. The series showcases different landscapes, people and cultures and this has taken the team from Brazil, to South Africa, Europe, and now- Kitich Camp!

The team stayed in camp for 3 nights and filmed daily around the area, in the forest and Engalai village. Needless to say, all us kids (big and small!)were fascinated by the paramotor, which was used for many of the film shots, along with a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The paramotor pilots have a camera on their headset, a camera on the wing and one above the canopy, which they can control with toggles. There is also a camera man on the ground filming them take off and land and of course, the UAV buzzing about doing tracking aerial shots which would otherwise be impossible to capture.

However the visit wasn’t all flying- the camp staff were included as extras on the shoot, being interviewed and filmed and, once the episode has aired in February, some of the footage will be available for us to share with you- watch this space!


Gold, gold and more gold!

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We are over the moon to announce that Kitich Camp has been awarded a Gold Eco rating by Ecotourism Kenya, along with Elsa’s Kopje and Lewa Safari Camp, while Joy’s Camp managed to retain its current Gold status! Elephant Pepper Camp received their Gold Eco rating at the end of 2013.

Tortilis Camp currently has a Silver eco rating but we hope that, following the next evaluation, they too will join the others in the Gold Club!


Evaluated on criteria aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria formed under the umbrella of the UN, this marks a significant achievement and brings the total of Gold eco rated camps & lodges in Kenya to 17. It also makes us the only collection of properties with such outstanding environmental credentials in Kenya!


Stefano Cheli comments:
Our ethos has always been to establish eco-responsible camps and lodges and to create conservation models in direct partnership with local communities. These awards not only acknowledge our continuous efforts, but validate why it is that we do what we do, bringing us one step closer to achieving Gold Eco Certification all round. I would like to thank and congratulate all the teams who have worked tirelessly to uphold our morals and values and brought this to fruition. We are very proud!


The Ecotourism Committee notes:
The facilities show superior and remarkable levels of excellence specifically in responsible resource use, socio economic and social cultural aspects. They all have demonstrated impressive and consistent efforts and best practices in their business operations.”


Congratulations to the all the teams!

Best wishes,
Stefano & Liz

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