Liz & Stefano Cheli – Owners

Stefano and Liz have been visiting Kitich, and have loved its sacred valley since the early 1980′s.  They are professional safari guides, over the past 30 years have built award winning safari lodges and created the best bespoke safari company in East Africa.

They took over Kitich Forest Camp from Giulio Bertolli of olive oil fame, in 2008, revamped it (just a bit), and it remains their favourite camp in East Africa.

Stephen & Tania Hitchins – Owners

Long time converts to the joys and romance of Kenya and its wildlife; and natives of Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom. Stephen and Tania have been participants in the creation of a few outstanding safari lodges and camps, and are founders of the Desert Springs Resort & Golf Club in Almeria, South East Spain.

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Manager – Tiziano Allegretti

With an Italian heritage and gentle personality, Tiziano grew up in the Kenya bush; his parents are safari guides, and created camps in Tsavo. After finishing school, Tiziano went to South Africa for 12 years, and became a leading Wildlife Guide assessor within FGASA, including camp and conservation management, as well as a Senior Trainer mentoring aspiring young guides.

Tiziano says “The pleasure of being a safari guide is the role of interpreting nature’s wonders and complex mechanisms”.

Tiziano came back home to Kenya because he is passionate about the beauty and wildlife biodiversity that Kenya offers, and to be part of the conservation success of northern Kenya.



The guides at Kitich Camp are Ndorobo / Samburu, a semi-nomadic pastoralist community closely related to the Masai.  Originally hunters, and sought after for their tracking and bush skills, some joined the Kenya Wildlife Service as trackers, before returning to Kitich. The guides at Kitich are the masters of the forest, they know the trails intimately, and can almost sense wildlife before any of the most proficient guides are aware of an animal presence.  A gentle, happy and colourful people, who love their “work” of sharing the secrets of the forests with guests.