Since the Cheli & Peacock Community Trust was launched in March 2011, we have received US$4,885 in donations for Engilai Primary School, US$2,030 of which was allocated to purchasing 48 desks, 13 tables and 10 chairs, which were made by a carpenter local to the area. The rest of the funds, approximately US$2,855, have been allocated to building an accommodation block for two teachers, as per a proposal sent to us by the Head Teacher, though additional donations are needed to complete this project.

60% of the Conservancy Fee, paid by guests staying at Kitich is used by the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy for community development projects. Contributions so far achieved through the 60% include US$1,434 in 2010, US$3,716 in 2011 and US$6,420 in 2012 to fund 118 secondary school and 30 university bursaries, provide assistance for 20 emergency hospital bill payments and pay a school matron’s salary for a year!