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Surrounded by Elephants!

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A busy Christmas season kept all at camp on their toes, many fantastic walks were had and festive sundowners too!

So far this year, our giant elephant neighbours still come down from the forest to visit us in the glade below camp… but this year has bought some new guests, with lions and hyena spotted nearby camp!

Wild dogs are all around, many a evening, we are put to sleep by the fading echoes of howling wild dogs. The surrounding trails have been full of tracks but seeing these elusive species in the dense forest vegetation is challenging! Large herds of buffalo seem to be moving in the area and have been seen from camp.

The guided walks through the magical forest continue to provide much excitement with close elephant encounters and beautiful flora and fauna!  If surrounded by elephants day and night, getting up close and personal with them sounds like your sort of fun…Kitich is the place for you!!


Forest, Flowers and Fishing…

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With the onset of the short rains, Kitich Forest Camp is living up to its name, with flowers blooming, fresh water fish fishing and lots of forest fun!

Beautiful wild flowers are sprouting, adding vibrant pops of colours through the forest floors and canopy. As the Crotons and Grewia flowers start to bloom, the glorious butterflies come out too, it’s believed The Mathews Mountains has approximately 15% of the total Kenyan butterfly fauna!

Catch of the day! With pristine, crystal clear natural spring water flowing through the forest rivers, it’s a fisherman’s paradise…the tranquility of the surrounding forest is blissful…just another adventure one can do at Kitich!

Bush Bathrooms

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As always we like to keep busy in camp! We are happy to announce we have recently finished our latest ‘camp’ project.

After experiencing a slight upgrade, all six tents have now been fitted with flush toilets in their bathrooms. However, we still have our fabulous, ‘al fresco’ safari showers.

Sneak peak into life at Kitich

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We recently had two of the brilliant Nomad magazine team up here at Kitich. On an epic road trip assignment from Nairobi to various locations in Samburu and then over to Laikipia, they documented this road safari through their various social media platforms!

We thought their Youtube video was a fantastic sneak peak into the journey up to camp, camp life and the exploring the ancient forests that surround out little camp.

Check it out below. Karibu Kitich!

A New Air Adventure!

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SAFARI DREAMING is one step closer with the launch of easy flying connections via a Cessna 206. Connecting Kitich Forest Camp to some of the most iconic destinations and experiences to be had in the Great North!

From 1st July, the Cessna 206 (four passengers), based at Samburu Kalama airstrip
offers a quick 23 minute hop, a stunningly beautiful low level flight over the sacred Ololokwe Mountain, and the incredible ‘sky island’ forest in the Mathews en-route to Kitich. An exciting and unique way to get to Kitich Forest Camp and further afield!

The flight provides easy access to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary which can now become part of your Kitich Forest Camp experience. Alternately one can simply enjoy connecting to other northern destinations or explore more of the magical north by booking a scenic flight.


it’s now incredibly easy to link Samburu Kalama, Kitich, Lewa, Loisaba and Meru into your safari planning!

The Only Way Is UP!

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In October, a crew from leading Brazillian travel & sport channel, Canal Off, came to camp to film one of their episodes as part of a Kenyan series. The series, Aerials, is made by Sylvester Campe, who is one of the worlds most accomplished and daring documentary directors and photographers. Specializing in docu-dramas, extreme adventure and cultural films, he has claimed two Emmy awards for his work on the reality series, “Amazing Race”.

Aerials follows the adventures of two paramotor fliers, including British Paramotor champion Dean Eldridge, as they explore the globe and fly in some breath-taking and spectacular locations. The series showcases different landscapes, people and cultures and this has taken the team from Brazil, to South Africa, Europe, and now- Kitich Camp!

The team stayed in camp for 3 nights and filmed daily around the area, in the forest and Engalai village. Needless to say, all us kids (big and small!)were fascinated by the paramotor, which was used for many of the film shots, along with a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The paramotor pilots have a camera on their headset, a camera on the wing and one above the canopy, which they can control with toggles. There is also a camera man on the ground filming them take off and land and of course, the UAV buzzing about doing tracking aerial shots which would otherwise be impossible to capture.

However the visit wasn’t all flying- the camp staff were included as extras on the shoot, being interviewed and filmed and, once the episode has aired in February, some of the footage will be available for us to share with you- watch this space!


Camera Trap ‘Trapping’ Lots of Wildlife

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It’s been very dry here this season with only 227mm, when last year we received 738mm. However, the low rainfall has been a blessing in disguise as the elephants have arrived back into the forest unseasonably early. We’ve captured many lovely videos of them, including this fantastic footage of a young elephant taking a dip in the Ngeng River in the early morning – truly special, take a look.

We had over 60 elephants with babies in front of the mess area and guests have had an elephant bonanza when visiting Kitich Camp.

More water buck and bush buck are coming to the camp on a daily basis. One bush buck was born just outside our tent. We heard the baby calling and upon further investigation, found a very wobbly and slightly damp newborn, while mommy was down by the stream trying to lead us away from her baby.

The camera trap has caught some rare images and videos of lions outside the manager’s tent including 2 lionesses walking by at lunchtime – quite unusual for them to be active during the day. Sally was inside the tent at the time the video was shot: you can see the lion stop and look in the direction of the tent before proceeding. Sally was in for a surprise when viewing the footage later!

One night a leopard killed a bush buck in camp. Unfortunately, for the leopard, he was disturbed by staff coming to work and so abandoned the kill. We moved the carcass to just outside of the mess area, as we didn’t want to attract hyenas into the camp. However, we did get some great camera trap footage of the hyenas feasting on the kill right about the time guests were having dinner; the hyenas made short work of devouring the carcass.

But we’re not too worried about the leopard as we know he comes back to camp regularly and particularly likes our sundowner spot.

With so much widlife activity going on at Kitich Camp, you need to come and see it for yourselves.

All the best,

Sally & Karl



Wild dogs, elephants & clouds of butterflies

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2014 has been a great year for the elephants around us and many guests have been privileged to see them on their guided walks. Occasionally walks have had to be shortened due to the elephants using the same paths! A unique experience which guests have loved.

We’ve also had great excitement with the sighting of wild dogs on our walks. Some of the local community have unfortunately lost goats to the dogs. However, the Samburu community believe that wild dogs host the spirits of their ancestors and should be protected. In addition, a new initiative by the County Council compensates any livestock lost to wild animals – a great move forward for the conservation of our beautiful wildlife.

In March we held a conservation competition with nearby Engalia Primary School – 124 children took part, together with some parents on the school committee. There was a question and answer session, plus the children sang songs and recited poetry about the Big 5 – in both English & Swahili. All the children received a certificate for entering the competition and the winning team won a trophy.

The Kitich area continues to have an abundance of butterflies year round. We now have butterfly & tree guides available for all guests. The guides have also been donated to the Engalai Primary School, plus our local Namumak Rangers. There is now fierce competition to identify the most species!

Our birding groups were amazed at the diversity of species found within the Mathews’ Range. Kitich has a checklist of 328 species!

We closed camp in April & May for the welcome long rains during which we carried out maintenance and further in-house training. Being back, the forest is looking lush & green and we cannot wait to re-open camp on June 15th!

With warmest wishes

Kitich Camp

Nightly visitors at Kitich Camp

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Kitich Camp and the Mathews’ Range are home to some very special species. We recently installed a trail camera and have been delighted with great results in a very short period.

For the ‘techies’ amongst us, the trail camera is a passive device mounted where we expect to have good sightings and is activated by movement or a rapid change in ambient temperature. In essence, the camera remains off until something comes into its sensor range. We’ve been experimenting with positioning the camera but have been getting great results almost every time.

We were aware of the high leopard presence around us but these elusive, nocturnal creatures are often difficult to see. Since installing the trail camera we have had regular sightings and have captured many of our nightly visitors on camera, including this spectacular shot taken in the early morning hours only meters away from our sundowner spot in camp!

One of several leopards visiting the camp at night
One of several leopards visiting the camp at night

We have also managed to get an image of this beautiful leopard in daylight, only 20m from the manager’s house!

Here are some more pics of night-time visitors exploring Kitich Camp:

Elephants roaming through Kitich Camp at night
Elephants roaming through Kitich Camp at night
And a mongoose right in front of a guest tent
And a mongoose right in front of a guest tent

A few nights ago, we had a little ‘problem’ with the camera. The resident lion pride, which we regularly hear roar in the evenings and at night, took the camera and carried it away up the river. The camera was attached to a log, weighing around 25 kgs and the log was tied on to a tree. The lions picked up the log, broke the rope between the log and the tree and carried the log off along the river and into the reeds.  Luckily, the lions were good enough to keep the camera dry while they crossed the river. It took around 1 hour of hit and miss tracking to find the log and the camera the next morning. We first found the camera, then the log and then the camera backing plate, around 500m from where the lions took it. We are thrilled that the camera is still working, except that the backing plate has a couple of teeth marks on it:)! The strapping that held the camera on to the tree is in 3 pieces however, well chewed by the lions…

From this attack on the camera we only managed to get some photos of the ground while the lions were carrying the camera – but we will try to get some good pics of the lions next time they’re in camp!

Till then, our warmest wishes to you all,

Karl & the Kitich Camp team

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