Camera Trap ‘Trapping’ Lots of Wildlife

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It’s been very dry here this season with only 227mm, when last year we received 738mm. However, the low rainfall has been a blessing in disguise as the elephants have arrived back into the forest unseasonably early. We’ve captured many lovely videos of them, including this fantastic footage of a young elephant taking a dip in the Ngeng River in the early morning – truly special, take a look.

We had over 60 elephants with babies in front of the mess area and guests have had an elephant bonanza when visiting Kitich Camp.

More water buck and bush buck are coming to the camp on a daily basis. One bush buck was born just outside our tent. We heard the baby calling and upon further investigation, found a very wobbly and slightly damp newborn, while mommy was down by the stream trying to lead us away from her baby.

The camera trap has caught some rare images and videos of lions outside the manager’s tent including 2 lionesses walking by at lunchtime – quite unusual for them to be active during the day. Sally was inside the tent at the time the video was shot: you can see the lion stop and look in the direction of the tent before proceeding. Sally was in for a surprise when viewing the footage later!

One night a leopard killed a bush buck in camp. Unfortunately, for the leopard, he was disturbed by staff coming to work and so abandoned the kill. We moved the carcass to just outside of the mess area, as we didn’t want to attract hyenas into the camp. However, we did get some great camera trap footage of the hyenas feasting on the kill right about the time guests were having dinner; the hyenas made short work of devouring the carcass.

But we’re not too worried about the leopard as we know he comes back to camp regularly and particularly likes our sundowner spot.

With so much widlife activity going on at Kitich Camp, you need to come and see it for yourselves.

All the best,

Sally & Karl



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